About us


We are a constantly evolving Destination Management Company. Our mission is to make our business partners proud, offering their guests unique and tailor-made experiences.


Our vision is to be the reference point when it comes to business-minded travel and to offer a complete experience to anyone who wishes to explore the magic the island of Rhodes offers.


To always do our best. To act efficiently, with integrity and a sense of urgency, every time you need us. To make a difference through our pursuit of perfection and attention to detail.

We provide MICE professionals and international clients with a wide variety of travel and transportation services, based on their needs, goals and purposes of their event or occasion.

Rhodian Tours is a destination management company, which was founded in 2005 and is based in Rhodes, Greece. We focus on providing excellent corporate and independent travel services. At the same time, we specialize in planning, promoting and conducting escorted tours mainly for business but also for private purposes.

We take pride in offering our clients travel services and tour packages only from the areas we have already tested ourselves. We visit every destination, attraction and event. We sample accommodations, venues, meals, entertainment and whatever else is needed, depending on each situation. Therefore, we have a deeper knowledge of the services we offer you compared to anyone else in the market.

Rhodian | DMC is a Destination Management Company serving MICE professionals and international clients that choose Rhodes, Greece, to host their events, since 2005. A team of experts will accommodate all the needs for events of any type, and almost any size.

The quality of our travel services is based on our personal experience, since we test and sample each accommodation, spa, meal, or entertainment option, we have visited and explored each venue, attraction, we know how to host each event, taking care of all details, abiding to any specifications, handling all challenges and limitations.

Why should I Choose Rhodian Tours?

When you cooperate with us, you know for sure that you have a Team of Professionals dedicated to providing you with the best quality Travel Services, exactly when you need them.

Throughout the years, we are constantly investing in our personnel, our expertise and our fleet, in order to keep evolving and providing you and your clients with the best experiences in the island of Rhodes. Our relentless efforts and dedication have led to the creation of long-lasting relationships of trust with some of the country’s leading companies. This is something that greatly honors us and that we continue to aim for. 

Why should I Choose Rhodian | DMC?

Our strong knowledge of Rhodes, its facilities, venues and attractions and our love of the destination, drive us to organize amazing experiences on behalf of our clients, for their guests. The favored Greek concept of Philoxenia – to consider any foreigner as a friend – is at the heart of our mentality. Each guest has to receive top service, enjoy the best accommodation, and gain the most memorable experience of the destination Rhodes.

With Rhodian | DMC by your side

you will always have:

A team of experts are always on time to serve your requests and give you the support you need when it comes to visiting Rhodes.

Value-for-Money Services: We pride ourselves on quality, as well as on offering you the travel packages you need at the best prices.

Agility & Creativity: Every client is unique and has different needs when it comes to taking a corporate or leisure trip to Rhodes!
That’s why we always adapt our services and select the amenities our island has to offer to the specific characteristics of the experience you want us to create for you.

Find out more about Rhodian | DMC and the creative ways we can work with you!